Beef Casserole – How Do You Eat Yours?


Beef casseroles can be eaten all year round and they are an excellent choice for those with busy lives and active young families.

Cooking is Fun

You can always incorporate the older children in the preparation of the meal, and if you have a herb and vegetable garden you can suggest that they go and harvest these ingredients for the beef casserole. Stewing steak is the cut of beef of choice but cheaper cuts, including skirt or brisket can also be used. Oxtail is also delicious.

Foodies have been known to spend hours debating the difference between a stew and a casserole and most experts suggest that the title emanates from the French word for a stew pot, a ‘marmite’ or a ‘casserole.’

Traditionally, a stew is cooked on top of the stove, whereas a casserole is placed in the oven.


There is a huge range of recipes and a family favourite is beef in beer. The alcohol is burned off in the cooking process and you will be left with a tasty and aromatic, alcohol-free dish. Simply dice the meat and vegetables. Onions and garlic are important but you can really put in any vegetables that are enjoyed by your family.

Dust these ingredients with flour for thickening and then fry in either vegetable or olive oil. Lard was popular in the past but is considered unhealthy today.

When the meat is browned, combine some beef stock with beer and then place in a moderate oven for a couple of hours. You could always add some mustard or even Worcester sauce to the ingredients and remember to season well.


This type of meal is ideal for those with large families who don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen but need to ensure that every family member enjoys a hearty and healthy meal, at least once a day. The preparations can take up to 30 minutes but if you are very clever you can always cook double the amount and freeze half for a later date.

With the unpredictability of the seasons this traditional winter dish can be enjoyed at any time of the year. You can always make it as sophisticated as you like and serve the meal as a chic supper dish.

Accompany the casserole with potatoes or rice and some crispy vegetables. Leeks and mushrooms sautéed in some garam masala are delicious as are peas and cabbage.

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