Bedroom Makeover – looking for furniture

So we’ve settled on a bed, on carpets, wall colour… but the wardrobes.

Oh lordy, the decisions that involve the wardrobes.

The trouble is, our bedroom isn’t very big. Once you add a decent-sized bed in there (after twenty years, I think we earned the right to upgrade from a 4’6″ to a 5′, right?), there really isn’t all that much room left.

Right now, we have the sliding-mirrored-door wardrobes that were dismantled shifted from my teen parents house when we got married. Only the sliding mechanism didn’t like the move, never slid properly again and before long it shifted and broke.
And it buckled the doors along with it…
So really we have been living with an open-plan wardrobe for years. With the clothes slip-sliding out at us from the shelves, and the dust getting in to the hanging space (what? I don’t dust so much, okay?). It’s ugly, and messy, and irritating.

But it works… and there’s always been something more important to spend the cash on than a new bedroom for us. I mean it’s warm, dry (well, it is now we fixed that alarming damp patch due to the slipped slate on the roof…), keeps the clothes off the floor, and the bed functions correctly.

But oh how I long for a pretty, grow-up ‘real’ bedroom.

So now we’re finally making the plans, and making the changes. We have the bed. We have the carpet picked. We even have the mattress organised. But the wardrobes?
Good lord that’s tricky.

In my head, I want a bedroom like this…


Yeah. That’s not going to happen in my itty bitty living space.

So what I actually need is clever storage. Sliding door wardrobes were never my first choice – but they are undoubtedly the best choice. It just means there’s more space as I don’t need to worry about door clearance.
They don’t have to be mirrored either; as long as they are bright and clean-lined they will help light and perception of space.
And they will hide all manner of ugliness behind them when they slide neatly shut :)
Win win win.

And I just stumbled over these bargain priced slidey babies over on Homebase.
Okay, they’re not mirrored (but actually, that’s no bad thing, not being faced with your own mad-haired bleary self first the second you stagger form your bed of a morning) but they are bright and neat.


And at just £89 a door, they’re not going to be breaking any bank accounts. PLUS – if I get my order in before Monday, there’s an extra 15% off at Homebase!
Which makes it almost a moral obligation to buy them , right?

Except, of course, I rather like these a bit more…

I know I said I wasn’t so keen on the mirror thing… but I do love the look of these. This is the Loft range from Homebase – and actually these are also just £90 a door.  Just look at how much bigger that small piece of room looks with all that reflection. That’s what my room needs – lashings of white paint, a splash of vibrant colour, and a large mirrored wardrobe wall.

Don’t forget – the 15% discount ends at midnight on Monday, so get in quick!



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