Beautiful sofa beds to host your guests in style


When living in a small space it is not always possible to furnish a dedicated area to host your guests. Every corner of the house being fully optimised it doesn’t leave much space for inviting friends to sleepover.
Luckily there are lots of versatile pieces of furniture on the market enabling you to enjoy every room of the house without compromising on comfort. When it comes to creating extra sleeping areas, rather than having a mattress on the floor or shrinking the corridor with a day bed, a sofa bed seems to be the perfect solution for hosting occasional guests in comfort and style.
There are many different styles of sofa bed you can choose from depending on your needs and space restrictions. From a chair bed to a three seater sofa bed, you can rest assured that there is a solution that will solve any problem. Let’s have a closer look at the most popular sofa bed styles so you can have some idea that would work with your own home.

Corner sofa beds
Corner sofa beds, as the name suggest it, are designed to fit into a corner of your room but can also act as a separator within the same living area by compartmenting the space. You can choose from three seaters, four seaters or even more for your corner sofa bed but, whatever the size you go for, the sleeping area of a corner sofa bed will generally allow two people to sleep on it.

corner sofa bed

Clic clac sofa bed
Are so called sofas that can be turned into a bed by simply pulling the seat forwards and pushing the backrest down until the the sofa folds down flat into a bed. Very stylish, it is however important to bear in mind that contrary to other types of sofa beds, a clic clac doesn’t come with a mattress. The seating area and the sleeping surface comprise of the same material which means you will enjoy equal comfort during day and night.
clic clac sofa bed

Pullout sofa bed
The name of this type of sofa beds describes the mechanism used to turn it into a bed. The transformation doesn’t require much effort as pullouts have a folded metal bed frame hidden within the seat itself that unfolds in two or three actions. First pull the metal frame upwards and outwards until the legs rest firmly and second unfold the rest of the frame until the mattress stay in place.

pullout sofabed

Leather sofa bed
Sofa beds can be made of various different materials such as suede, chenille, other fabrics and also leather. Whether genuine or faux, leather is a beautiful and resistant material that will last for years and requires little care. A leather sofa bed will considerably enhance the look of any room and add that subtle touch of warmth that makes living rooms so welcoming. Ranging from two seaters to three seaters and more, leather sofa beds come in a variety of different designs: in a corner shape, with ottoman storage space, with a clic clac mechanism, fold out or pull out mechanism.

leather sofa bed

Chesterfield sofa bed
All the rage these days, Chesterfield style sofa beds do a great job at bringing a bit of masculinity and luxury in an interior.
chesterfield sofabed


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