Bear Best Cheeesy Pasta in The World (also – FREE dining for the family at Walt Disney World!)

When Walt Disney World got in touch recently to talk about their amazing latest offer, it really got us talking. Because when you’re talking about Disney, you’re talking about fulfilling dreams, aren’t you? And when you’re talking food… well, I genuinely didn’t know what my children’s favourite dream dinner would actually be. I mean, obviously I know what they like on a day-to-day basis, but faced with an open menu, a Harry-Potter-like ability to simply snap their fingers and have whatever they wished for? I didn’t know.
In fact I didn’t really know what *I* would choose, let alone them!

So over dinner I asked the question… and the answers were a lot more ‘normal’ than I expected! There was a vote for a perfect burger, a Christmas Dinner… but the 8yr old? She just wants a great big bowl of pasta carbonara.

But not any swish and fancy one that she’s tried in countless restaurants (now I come to think of it, whenever wee eat out she invariably shooses the pasta option if there is one…) – oh no. he swears my quick-and-easy staple weekday last minute throw-it-together version is where it’s at for her dream dinner.

So here it is – Bear’s Pasta Recipe (for 4).

What you need:
1 Onion
1 pack bacon (*I like back, unsmoked), snipped into strips
350g pack strong Cheddar
500ml Creme Fraiche (I use half fat)
1kg Pasta of choice – Bear’s fond of penne

What you Do:
Place pasta in to large pan to boil
Gently fry the onions till softened in a large saucepan
Remove and place in a dish on one side.
In the oniony pan gently fry the bacon until cooked.
Add the pot of creme fraiche to the pan, along with the set aside onion. Stir gently and heat through until the creme fraiche has melted and become sauce-like.
Grate in the cheddar – use your judgement, I find around 200g is usually enough, but it depends on your taste, and the strength of your cheese.
To serve simply add the cooked pasta to a bowl and pour over the sauce.
You can mix the sauce up – I frequently add mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, sweetcorn etc. But Bear likes it in its ‘original’ form best.

Pasta-with-cheese-sauce image courtesy of Shutterstock

Pasta-with-cheese-sauce image courtesy of Shutterstock

Enjoy FREE dining for the entire family at Walt Disney World!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.27.57
Everyone on your booking dines for free during their stay when you book a Moderate, Deluxe or Deluxe Villa Resort and Ticket package for a minimum of 5 nights. It’s a total no-brainer – Disney estimate that a family of four can save over £1,000 on a 7 night break with this offer, which is a huge saving (and would suggest that as a family of six we’d be closer to £1500!).
With a vast selection of 100 places to eat throughout Walt Disney World and healthy choices, quick eats and indulgent snacks on the menu, even the fussy ones will be happy!

I love this “foodie facts” infographic from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida – I didn’t even know there were 89 varieties of cheese!


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