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We all remember those words don’t we! Family games night was never the same again, monopoly, oh how competative were we. What a game though, firstly of course was the battle to claim your favourite playing piece, which one were you, the boot, the car, the ship maybe? Then the starter money was distributed and we eyed the off ready to pounce hopefully on our favourite properties. Everyone had their own strategy of course, but the ineviteable cheating of insider trading was always bound to happen! And then it came, without warning; You landed on Dad’s biggest and most expensive hotel, just when you thought you were about to survive another round and escape the evil landlords clutches, bankrupcy.

Happy days though, and a great, great family game a definite firm favourite in our house. Educational too (without even noticing it!), learning about money, to add up and take away quickly, the art of negotiation and bargaining, and maybe a little humility or even pleading ;-)

Now over the years Monopoly has launched many a set in many themes and now the fab people at Beano bring you their very own version (with a twist of course, it wouldn’t be Beano otherwise would it!). With bright Beano colours, their own money, properties such as ‘Pup Parade’ and of course their own playing characters,  I so bag Gnasher!


So now you can join all the mischief-makers from the UK’s No.1 comic in this special Beano edition of Monopoly. Pick one of the six bespoke Beano playing pieces and travel around the board with all the comic’s greats, buying Beano characters (as opposed to property in London, as you would in the original Monopoly edition) with the aim of taking over the whole board.

Definitely hours of fun for the whole family guaranteed! And if you have never played monopoly before and you have young ones in the house, this is a great way to introduce them to probably one of the best and best loved games in the world. Something to entertain the whole family this Christmas for sure!

The game is exclusive to the Official Beano Shop, and not available in stores, so head on over to their site here and get yours for just £29.99, bargain!

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