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Tomorrow my boy starts school. No, he’s not five; No.1 turned 16 in January, and after two years of Home Ed he’s re-entering the system for his A levels.
So the last few weeks have been a weird combination of grumpy denial (I do NOT like being retsricted to school term dates again!), floating sadness (we’re going to miss hi and his mugs of tea) and excited preparations. About the only things we’ve not had to buy him was a bag and shoes; we’ve had to re-stock from scratch to be 6th-form ready. Clothes, equipment, paper, pens, folders…
And as a stationery addict (come on – who among us isn’t?), I was determined to make sure he had a perfect notebook to keep in his bag. Because we all know that life just feels easier when you have THE notebook at your side.
But notebooks for teen boys?

Slim pickings, people.

They’re all cutesy and fluffy-animal-ish, floral or full of cats. Or if you go to the other end of the scale, they’re Disney, or Superman-for-6-yr-olds.
Nothing but plain and dull for a boy 16yr old.

So when I saw the Moleskine Limited Edition Batman Range, I may have whooped and swooped.

It’s beautiful.

EXACTLY what I had been hunting for.

Stylish, exciting, and designed around the adult, mildly menacing comic book Batman.batman-moleskine-2

The boy LOVED – he hovered and complained as I took photographs of it, warning me not to damage it or crack the spine by opening it too far.

The black cover has an iconic Batman image, topped with a silver embossed bat logo. Inside the front cover there’s an illustrated Gotham cityscape printed on the endpaper, and a ‘please return to’ bat stamp.

Of course, the back end paper has another Gotham City illustration opposite the traditional Moleskine expandable pocket – and this one contains two sheets of Batman stickers; funky retro iconic images that go with the paper banding strip which has the Batman logo evolution printed down it.

There’s all the beautiful, long-lasting quality you’d expect form a Moleskine, with the elastic strap plus a ribbon bookmark. The cover is of course hard enough to mean you don’t need a firm writing surface (perfect for the bus!), and with four different cover designs to choose from, this is your key to Gotham City.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 08.11.13
The Moleskine Batman Limited Edition Hard Plain Large Notebook is available on Amazon for £12.11.

And if Batman isn’t your teen’s thing then fret not. Because it’s just scratching the surface – Moleskine have a whole range of notebooks perfectly designed for teens. There’s The Hobbit, beautifully sketched and stylish LEGO, a properly adult retro-style Star Wars… just take a look at the Limited Edition Collections page (you land on Hello Kitty, but the menu bar is on the left of the page to browse through them all) to find the one that suits your teenager.


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