Balance Me Skin Serum. Absolute Essential Magic Goo.

emergency spot treatmentAs a teen I rarely got a spot, and those that did show up were often on my forehead and easily hidden by some judicious fringe layering (and copious amounts of hairspray). Yet in my 30’s I suffer with monthly breakouts, often accompanied by one single mediaeval-sized pustule pulsing somewhere very obvious on my face.

Lovely. Thanks, hormones.

I’ve tried all sorts over the years, but a few months ago I was sent a teeny tiny pot of this skin serum by Balance Me. Claiming itself to be an “on the spot calming and balancing non-drying gel containing organic aloe vera and spruce knot, calming lavender and anti-bacterial may chang”… In fact, like all Balance Me’s products, it is 99% organic. Really – how good could it be, huh?


Let me tell you.

That little pot up there is filled with magic goo and fairy drops.


It smells… delicious. Slightly tea-tree-ish, maybe a bit lemony, a hint of lavender… indescribable, but nice. It’s only a weeny pot, but it’s a pump action and you need the tiniest dab. Now whenever I feel that pustule heading towards the surface, or get that cluster of teen-pimples breaking out on my cheeks, I simply add a bit of Magic Goo.

Hey presto, next morning the threat is resolved (seriously – UN Peacekeepers could take notes).

NB – Also works on pre-pubescent teen boys. Not that they would ever thieve Mum’s Magic Goo and use it on their own masculine faces. No no no.

This is one of those absolute must-haves in my cabinet, and I suggest you all go get one. And possibly a second one for any hormonal teens in the house, just so they leave yours damn well alone.


Available direct from Balance Me, the serum costs £16 – but lasts for a-a-ages, and is totally worth every penny. Unless you happen to like the mediaeval-sized pulsing pustule thing, obviously.




Author: Laura

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