Back To School – Kickers. Still kickin’ it.

Shoes are a tricky thing to talk about – I mean, just how exciting can a pair of school shoes be? Well… these aren’t just any old school shoes. Oh no. these are KICKERS school shoes.

There is a huge range of colours and styles (*whispers* a few of which are, quite frankly, not-pretty) and some of them are very very lovely. The 8yr old, faced with that whole array of choice, strangely plumped for the traditional ‘Kick Hi’, the boot that started it all back in 1975. Actually, it was a fab choice – its trademark chunky sole, brass eyelets, tab and triple stitching make it a solidly practical school shoe. It also meant he braved the How To Tie Your Laces lessons for the first time. I wish more shoe companies would give us the option of laces – call me old-fashioned, but how can my children ever learn to tie them if they can’t get shoes with laces? Plus I always think they fit better.

This is our third or fourth pair of Kickers for the children, and I’m not sure they can actually be beaten – they are perfect children’s shoes:  chunky, supportive, well made, leather, and tough enough to withstand the playground batterings.

One of my favourite things about Kickers (apart from the sturdy-factor)? Just  look at the toe shape –

Look how perfectly it echoes the spread of a child’s foot. And that’s not just these Kick Hi boots – ALL Kickers follow that shape.

It’s going to be hard to go back to any other kind of shoe, to be honest.

A new pair of child’s Kickers is around £40, but there’s always a bargain to be had in the Sales page – many for under £15 a pair.

Author: Laura

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