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backtoschoolbooksWe’re properly excited to be working with the fabulous Collins4Parents team again on some BackToSchool stuff for you. Not just some essential books you should really be keeping on your shelves, but we’ve also got a HUGELY exciting campaign coming in a week or two – keep your eyes PEELED people. If you have someone in the house who’s learning, you’ll not want to miss it. I promise. Brilliant, it’s going to be.

But first, we’ve a new series talking about essential books for your bookshelf – reference books that every home should have.
collins school dictionary
First up is the brand new re-jacketed, best-seller for Back to School; the Collins English Dictionary. There are many many things that the power of the internets has made obsolete – and of course I know that a dictionary and thesaurus are readily available online.
But much as we’re pretty good digital parents, I just can’t let go of the joy in exploring a dictionary – if they don’t know a word they’ve read, they know better than to ask me. They go running to the bookshelf, pull out the dictionary and look it up.
Because if they look the word up in an  online dictionary, they find the meaning of that one word. Great.
But use a ‘real’ book dictionary, and they find it buried in a hoard of word gems.
And this version includes word tips with the definitions, to provide help with their correct usage.

With this dictionary you can find all the words and definitions you need, as it boasts a comprehensive coverage of the language we use every day. It also contains the latest words to enter the language. The clear layout ensures you can find the words you need quickly. This edition contains an invaluable supplement on the most common mistakes and controversial issues in English.

Buy the Collins English Paperback Dictionary [Seventh edition] direct from Collins, and a literal world of words will be at the fingertips of everyone in the house for less than £8.

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