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When you’re kitting out your baby’s nursery, it’s easy to overlook the cot sheets. I mean, a sheet’s a sheet, right? Wrong.

Until I’d stumbled across the 100% organic fitted cotton sheets from super-chic baby brand Magnus & Mouse I poured scorn on the thought of spending anything over £15 on cot sheets. But that was before. Imagine sleeping on the very best Egyptian cotton in a five star hotel and then returning to threadbare, crumpled sheets at home. That’s what it would be like if I suddenly switched back to the cheapie, slightly starchy sheets we used to use in my baby’s cot.

So what’s so great about the Magnus & Mouse sheets then? And why are they worth £30? Well, let me tell you.

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They’re so soft it’s like touching clouds

Even after multiple washes these sheets are a softness to rival my baby’s favourite snuggly comforter. The 100% organic jersey cotton really does its job, which is evident in the way my daughter likes to lie on her side and rub her cheek against the sheets. Knowing the material is organic, toxin free and completely baby safe also puts my slightly neurotic mind at ease.

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They’re pretty

With prints like “Cloudy Day”, “Nellie” and “Pineapple” to choose from, you know these sheets aren’t going to be boring. These were made for Pinterest perfect bedrooms, with whimsical, fun motifs that will add a touch of modern Scandi-inspired quirkiness to your child’s room. I love that the prints are unisex, without all the gender stereotyped pink bows or blue trains. My daughter’s room is a mint, yellow and grey palette, so the Pineapple and Cloudy Day designs work really well with our colour scheme.

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They’re easy to put on

Anyone who’s tried to change a non-fitted cot sheet in the middle of the night will tell you, it’s not the easiest of jobs. First you have to pull up the whole mattress before tucking the ends in, all in the confined space of your cot. Not so the Magnus & Mouse sheets. Their elasticated edging makes them really easy to put on, so there’s no battling with stray bits that won’t tuck in.

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OK, so they’re not cheap at £30, but are they worth the extra? Every penny. For ease of use, softness and added pretty factor they definitely get my vote.


Sheets start from £22 for a bassinet/pram sheet – but Magnus & Mouse aren’t just about sheets; you can nobble yourself some gorgeously pretty blankets and gift sets in the Magnus & Mouse range, too.

Reviewed for us by Molly (with a squidge of help from the unspeakably adorable Baby Girl)


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