Baby Banz childrens sunglasses and childrens sunhats reviews

Childrens sun hats are the bane of my life. They don’t fit, they don’t stay on, they get lost, the children don’t like them so they won’t wear them, the ones they do like don’t provide enough protection…. Ugh.

So I have to admit I was less than enthusiastic at trying out the Baby Banz stuff, despite being prompted that I would love them. Hats for a 4mth old? Mm-hmmm.

And sunglasses? I have to admit my children have never had sunglasses – I could never see them keeping them on for more than 5 minutes, and they *should* always be wearing a hat to shade their eyes.

But when the parcel arrived, I’ll admit. I was pleasantly surprised. Excited, in fact. The glasses were shallow – no nasty nose bits – and had this fab wrap-around soft headband which would keep them in place all day long.

And it just got better.

Tobys hat was the legionnaires style – but probably just about the very best one I’ve seen. The peak is wide and deep, providing great shade for the face, the neck flap is again really generous, covering not only the nape of the neck, but the ears too. The material is the same stuff swimsuits are made from, which means it’s perfect for summer – light, washable and quick-drying if it gets dunked in the sea.

Theres an additional string-tie for under the chin, but we haven’t needed to use it yet. The stretchy nature of the fabric means it fits snugly, but not tightly – and Toby thinks it’s just the coolest thing ever.

So, to the baby brim hat. At first glance, what a foolish thing. A hat to fit 3mths to age 2 – like that’s going to work.

But it does!


There’s this brilliant adjustable band on the outside of the main ‘body’ of the hat which is just a stroke of genius, and completely works.

The wide brim is brilliant protection, it’s a lovely strong cotton fabric, and it fits Pink without shifting when she swings her head.

But it’s all about The Brim. Genius, it is.

It is actually soft enough to bend when she lies back in the pushchair/on the rug without pinging the hat off her head – Huzzah (that’s her at the top, demonstrating)! but it remains strong enough to stand out to create plenty of protection.

Have I sold you yet? I don’t need to even start on the UV protection – that’s about the best you can buy in babywear. I love these, and guarantee you will too – we can’t recommend them highly enough. You can see more pics of them on trial by Pink and Jolly-the-Rock-Star last week here.

The Baby Banz range can be found on the Amazon site.



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