Are Tudor Watches Worth Investing?

Tudor watches have gained significant popularity among watch enthusiasts in recent times. As a sister brand to the renowned Rolex company, Tudor boasts a rich heritage and exceptional quality. However, one might wonder if Tudor pieces are also a worthwhile investment. This article delves into the history of Tudor, its reputation for value, the most sought-after Tudor watches, and, ultimately, whether Tudor can be a valuable addition to a watch collection.

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Tudor’s Heritage and Reputation

Tudor was established by Rolex in 1946 as a more accessible option. While initially overshadowed by the renowned Rolex, Tudor gained recognition among experienced watch collectors for its durability and dependability. The Ranger, Prince, and Prince Oyster Date Submariners were notable models that contributed to Tudor’s reputation for producing high-quality sports watches during the mid-20th century.

Since the 1950s, Tudor has served as the watch supplier for the French Navy. This demonstrates their ability to create accurate and robust timepieces suitable for professional use in challenging environments for extended durations. The rich history and proven performance of Tudor add credibility and value to their brand. Recently, Tudor has experienced a significant revival with the introduction of new collections such as Black Bay and Pelagos, which feature captivating design enhancements inspired by their renowned vintage models.

Reasons to Invest in Tudor

Tudor timepieces have numerous attractive qualities that make them a worthwhile investment. As a sister company to Rolex, Tudor offers impeccably crafted timepieces with comparable aesthetics and quality at more affordable price points. This combination of rich heritage and value sets Tudor apart in the watch industry. Vintage Tudor models like the Ranger, Prince Oysterdate “Jumbo,” and the original Prince Oyster Submariners are highly sought after in today’s market. Antique Tudor watches that emerge at auctions often fetch prices many times higher than their original value. For those looking to add an extra touch of luxury to their Tudor timepieces, Horus Straps offers an enticing option. This company creates high-end leather and rubber straps designed specifically for Tudor watches.

Contemporary Tudor collections have generated significant excitement and interest. Models such as the Black Bay divers and Pelagos aquatic watches seamlessly blend timeless design with contemporary dimensions and materials. They exemplify Tudor’s commitment to innovation through their use of in-house manufactured movements. These timepieces are poised to retain value and become sought-after collectibles due to their immediate popularity. Tudor’s rich heritage and ability to merge traditional craftsmanship with modern advancements position their watches as smart investments when compared to other competing brands.

Top 5 Popular Tudor Models

1. Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight capsule collection is a homage to Tudor’s subcultural divers from the 1950s. It showcases a vintage-inspired 39mm case, a domed crystal, and striking gold accents on an all-steel watch powered by Tudor’s in-house MT5402 movement. The retail price for this timepiece is approximately £3,500.

2. Tudor Pelagos

The Pelagos dive watch line embodies Tudor’s cutting-edge technological advancements. This exceptional aquatic timepiece surpasses rigorous standards of durability, readability, and precision. Notable characteristics encompass an in-house MT5612 movement, a titanium case, a ceramic bezel, and a 500m waterproof rating. Retailing at approximately £4,500.

3. Tudor Black Bay Chronograph

The Black Bay Chronograph seamlessly blends vintage aesthetics with contemporary mechanical excellence. It features a column wheel chronograph movement, which is inspired by Breitling, a sister brand of Tudor under the Rolex umbrella. The Black Bay Chrono is available for purchase at an approximate price of £5,000.

4. Tudor Heritage Black Bay

Introduced in 2012, Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay garnered instant recognition by modernizing a renowned vintage Tudor Submariner model. It is offered in red, blue, and black bezel variations, all equipped with Tudor’s self-winding mechanical movement for accurate dive watch capabilities. The retail price is around £3,000.

5. Tudor Glamour Date

The Tudor Glamour Date watch offers a contemporary interpretation of vintage Tudor dress watches. With its 41mm steel case, fluted bezel, and sunray dial, it exudes elegance and sophistication. Equipped with a solid self-winding mechanical movement that can be admired through the exhibition case back, the Glamour Date is priced at approximately £2,500, making it one of Tudor’s most accessible mechanical timepieces. Its refined design complements Tudor’s diverse collection, which includes both sporty and classic models.


Tudor has now established itself as a worthy contender among other renowned luxury watch brands that are often considered investment options. By skillfully combining vintage aesthetics with modern watchmaking techniques, Tudor has garnered significant demand from both new and experienced watch enthusiasts. Timepieces like the Black Bay and Pelagos are poised to become future classics. While all investments carry a certain level of risk, Tudor’s rich heritage and the current market demand for its watches indicate a promising future for the brand and its timepieces as valuable long-term assets.

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