Anna Nook – Old Fashioned Beauty in a Girl’s Dress.

When I saw the Anna Nook dresses, I was a little bit blown away. Here, at last, was the old-fashioned loveliness it is increasingly hard to find for my daughter. So when I had the chance for Pink to own one of her own – well naturally, how could I refuse.
The idea is simple – there is but one style of dress (they call it the Nanook) which is a simple and classic pinafore. They’re made in a gorgeous Noil Silk – which is actually thick, heavy and nubbed, and feels more akin to a bamboo material than any silk I’ve ever met.


anna nook dress

This was Pink’s dress the day it arrived – she actually clapped her hands when she saw it.

No two dresses are ever the same! Using the blank dress as a template, all the embellishments are added by hand for each order; and the style, design, and colours of those simply depend on your requests, the whim of the dressmaker, and the basket of vintage oddments she has at her disposal.

Just trust them – they will select stunning fabrics, embroidery threads, buttons, lace, ribbons and vintage appliques to create your dress perfect. Just look how Pink’s turned out – and my instructions were dead simple. Mummy does NOT like pink, and the 6yr old will potentially refuse to wear it if it does not contain pink. No pressure then.

Just look how it turned out for us…

anna nook dress 6

I know, she moved, but at first glance it’s a really pretty dress, right? Wait til you get closer…

anna nook dress 3

pretty girl, pretty dress.. *happy*

anna nook dress 2

see how the applique works? Lace, odd materials, buttons – note the clever use of sneaky pink. Class.

anna nook dress 4

Yes, yes, yes. there’s pink. But I love it anyway. You can see the soft texturing of the silk too – it apparently “feels lovely, just soft and slippy on my skin”

anna nook dress 5

The detailing goes all the way round – I properly swooned when I caught sight of the daisy on the back.

anna nook dress 7

Naturally, we had to do the Ultimate Dress Test.
is it good for twirling?
Why yes.
Yes, it jolly well is.

anna nook dress 1

Velvet ribbons and delicate lace and pretty toes too…

The dress hasn’t been kept-for-best, either. Of course it has been used for family dinners (with a LARGE strategic napkin!) and special visits, but it has also walked in the fields skipped in the woods, and lolled on the sofa watching Spongebob. Washed on a cool wash and hung to dry, it’s a doddle to look after and keep beautiful, too. Though I’d make sure it’s not involved in any Spaghetti Incidents if I were you.

To order your very own Anna Nook creation (I can’t think of anything more perfect for a summer party, a wedding – or simply the prettiest of lovely dresses to spin around a park in ) just visit the Annnook website and let them know what you’re after. Prices start at £28, and they come in ages 1-6yrs.

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