Amadeus 360 toddler cup

New from the makers of the famous AnyWayUp cup is this clever ole 360° Junior Cup.

What Amadeus say is so true – I was a BIG fan of the AnyWayUp cups when the boys were small. But they get too old for ‘baby’ cups lo-o-o-ng before they’re ready to be trusted anywhere but sitting at the table with a ‘grown up’ cup.

Which throws up problems if you’re used to having snuggle-up drinks with stories, drinks for poorly boys in bed (why do they never understand that if they try and drink lying down their neck is going to get very wet??), early morning in-front-of-the-tv milk (and much much more if you’re not strict about all drinks being at a table).

The 360° Junior Cup is actually far easier to drink out of than an AnyWayUp Cup. There is no spout, so like drinking from a proper cup anywhere on the rim will do (360° cup, geddit?). We have tried and tried, but I have to report that it’s true – it can be knocked over and dropped with no major spillage. This cup is NOT utterly leak proof, mind – it is not intended to be. At this age they are generally passed the wave-it-wildly stage. That said, Ella has just started to drink from it at 14mths, and lobbing it from the highchair hasn’t yet caused it to leap apart and flood the floor.

And how’s this for an age range and value-for-money – not only does Ella used hers, but my biggest man Cameron (who’s scarily NINE) used it only recently when he was struck down by really bad tonsillitis – curled beneath his duvet, he could drink warm milk and not worry about spilling any.

Its a clever ole design. Because there’s no valve at all, no power-suction is required to gain your juice of choice. The top screws off the bottom for filling (Note – don’t fill it too high, or when the top goes back on you’ll overflow all over your hands). For cleaning you just pop the top apart, and rinse. No tricky spout, no icky valve – and apparently because they’re made with Steri-Touch, they stay germ-free between washes for longer too.

The 360° Junior Cup – does exactly what it says it will. Just the way life should be.


Find your fab Munchkin toddler cup 360 on Amazon, prices starting at just £4.99!

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