Alternative Christmas Ideas – Switch Up the Festive Fun

Are you a little tired of the endless cheesy movies and family feuds? Does the thought of enduring another round of Monopoly fill you with dread? Then it’s time to take off the jingly jumper, put down that mince pie and embrace an alternative Christmas this year. There are loads of different activities and adventures you can experience this festive season.Why not try something new?

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Take a Trip

If you are filled with wanderlust and are desperate to jet off on your next adventure, why not take a trip this Christmas? From cultural city breaks to relaxing luxury resorts, there are plenty of options to choose from this festive season. If you want to experiencea new culture, take a trip to India this year. The country is full of bustling, bright cities, ancient architecture and exotic landscapes so there really is somethingto please everyone. If you’re looking for somewhere a little closer to home, take a cultural tour to a city like Venice or Dubrovnik.

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Give Back this Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving. But giving doesn’t have to revolve around the perfect present. Why not give back to those in need this Christmas? By donating your time or money, you can help those less fortunate this festive season.

There are many worthy charities that would really benefit from a donation this Christmas. Here are some examples of how far your money can go:

Unicef – £13.50 will pay for polio vaccinations for 100 kids.

Macmillan – £20 will pay for an hour of care for a cancer patient.

Save the Children – £21 will buy five mosquito nets for a family in need.

If you’d rather lend a hand this season, why not help by volunteering at a homeless shelter? There are lots of tasks you can get involved in, from cooking and cleaning to serving a warm meal. You can really help those less fortunate to have a fabulous Christmas.

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Try Alternative Tasty Treats

If the traditional turkey dinner doesn’t float your boat, why not opt for an alternative Christmas meal? If you want to steer away from poultry, try a delicious beef wellington this year. They really are straight forward to make despite looking super fiddly. Make sure you buy a good quality fillet and wrap it in delicious flaky pastry – it will make the perfect centrepiece. For any veggies out there, opt for a cauliflower, chestnut and sage cake. It won’t disappoint!

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Why not do something a bit different this December? Take a trip to experience a new culture, give back to those in need or simply switch up your festive food. Step away from tradition and enjoy a totally unique festive season this year!

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