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I may have mentioned before that the husband is afflicted with allergies. To pretty much most of the house, to be honest. Cats (we did, but no longer do, sadly), the dog, various random plants in the garden we’ve yet to identify, spring pollens, summer pollens, autumn pollens, various cleaning chemicals, dust mites… It’s an endless list that we all pretty much ignore and the poor man simply spends his life with varying degrees of a stuffy nose ( he does love a mountain top, mind, it’s about the only place he breathes clearly).

But though we don’t make him live in a vacuum, I don’t completely ignore the poor man, and do my best to keep him as sneeze-free as possible. I’m not getting rid of the dog – but she’s not allowed upstairs and we don’t share a room with her when she moults (there’s little-known fact about Rottweilers for you – they have a ridiculously over-excessive moult thanks to their double coat. It actually reaches over-dramatic proportions with piles of fur tumble-weeding across the floor within 30 minutes of a sweep, and visible fur-rain sifting from her as she moves). But we have mostly got hard floors to remove the carpet dust, and vacuum extra-regularly with our beloved Dyson and its super-filters. We have a memory foam mattress to avoid the dastardly allergens in the mattress, topped with a wool duvet. And now he has an Alpaca Wool pillow too.

alpaca wool pillows
And that one’s not just for the allergy thing – though Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic, of course (the cool, dry environment within it makes it difficult for dust mites to live and breed). But the boy also has a desperate need for a cool pillow. Like, he can’t sleep if the pillow has heated up. So really good cotton bed linen is necessary, of course, but there also needs to be a really good natural fibre pillow inside it (modern pillows get so warm so quick, don’t they?). And feathers are clearly out for he-who-sneezes (oh yes, he’s allergic to feathers too). wool is such a great material for bedding!

alpaca products

And who doesn’t want to know this is who their pillow was kindly donated by?

And if you’ve not seen or tried it, alpaca is a silky, soft, durable fibre that has unique thermal properties due to the microscopic air pockets found within it. These pockets allow the user to breathe through the fibres on warm days, and likewise trap body heat in cold weather (and it’s non-flammable too!). Alpaca offers a perfect balance between support and comfort – and works with your internal thermostat to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night. It’s sturdy enough for great neck support, but still gorgeously soft enough to sink into at the end of the long day.

Lou’s luxurious Alpaca Pillows are £49 each, and can be bought direct from her. While you’re there, do stop by and browse Lou’s Poo – it’s properly brilliant, and a perfect festive gift for the gardener in your family.

  • 100% Alpaca fibre filling for perfect temperature control.
  • Offers both support and comfort.
  • Chemical free and completely natural.
  • Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic: perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • Produced sustainably and supporting the British rural economy.
  • Luxuriously soft pillows that are suitable for use all year round.
  • These products are Dry Clean only due to the Natural nature of the products



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