All you need to know about DAB Radio (& the VQ product range!)

As we’ve been working with the lovely lovely people at VQ recently, I took some time to sit down with them for a chat, to find out what I need to know about DAB Radio (yeah, I don’t really understand it either…), and to uncover the inspirations behind their unspeakably delicious product ranges. Here’s what they said:

Here at VQ, we’re not just passionate about Style, Colour & Design. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a big part of the future for our Digital Radios, so it’s important that as a brand, we let our consumers know everything they need to know about the changing future for radio.

DAB is providing listeners around the world with a wider choice of content & better sound quality from their favourite stations. You can enjoy music from the likes of BBC, Heart & Classic FM on your Digital Radio with no interference what so ever from hissing and crackling (unless you live in my house, where apparently only BBC waves will penetrate…)

A really exciting feature of Digital Radio is pop-up stations. Just last month we saw the BBC & Jazz FM come together to create a ‘BBC Music Jazz’ pop-up radio station for a five day period in conjunction with the EFG London Jazz Festival, giving the public a huge variety of great jazz music content from two of the biggest radio stations in the UK. With such events being a huge success, it is more than likely that we will see this type of even happen a lot more.



If you haven’t already discovered the great radio content out there on DAB, then your time is now to make the switch. UK Digital Radio offer a simple postcode search so you can see what stations are available to you, then the next step is finding the perfect fitting radio.

To receive DAB radio station for the first time on your new Digital Radio, you will have to retune. Most models should run an automatic DAB scan once switched on, but if not just refer to your guide.


VQ Hepburn vintage look digital radio

VQ Product Range

If you don’t already know VQ, they are a British based audio brand creating stylish radios to match everyone’s individual taste & style. Being mainly female focused, they believe that colour and design are really important, so their inspiration comes from British areas of excellence such as fashion, music & interior design.

We do strongly suggest you follow them on their social media channels – and go visit their website to see how much they love to share their inspiration and creative vision with their consumers. Below is the rundown of their current product range, just in time for you to choose your new personal treat for 2016!


Hepburn Mk II: A new addition to the VQ range is the Hepburn Mk II, a new update from the original Hepburn. It still comes in the classic 11 colours & 4 Emma Bridgewater patterns, but with upgraded functions and new branding to match, this radio is a classic design with a modern twist.


VQ-Bardot-Digital-radioBardot: The Bardot fashions itself on its quirky handbag shape, perfect for any fashionista. Elegant & sophisticated with its retro 1960’s style and classic colours make it a perfect fit for your living room or bedroom. With Bluetooth connection you can play your favourite tunes from your mobile without having to move an inch! (Image either lifestyle or cut out, you choose)

 vq-christie-radio-landscape-redChristie: The Christie doesn’t just come with a pretty face, which twists and turns might I add. I love the vintage style which fits well with my personality & with so much colour choice you really can find one to fit any room of any design! The best thing about the Christie is the clear crisp sound, which can go loud enough to fill any kitchen among the hustle and bustle. (Image of colour range)


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 23.15.54Retro Mini: Small but mighty with a classic retro inspired look. I love the Retro Mini for its easy to use functions, simple design and leather strap making it your perfect portable companion. My favourite thing about the Retro Mini is its Emma Bridgewater patterns. With 3 new designs added to the collection, making 7 gorgeous patterns to choose from, how will we ever decide? (Image of colour range)

 Blighty pocket digital radioBlighty: VQ’s take on a portable pocket radio is a great one. With high quality finishes & design, the Blighty has everything you could ever ask for. Perfect gift for gardeners, runners or commuters who don’t like to ever be without their favourite radio station. (Image of colour range)


Emma Bridgewater: VQ’s partnership with Emma Bridgewater is a great one. Our Retro Mini’s now come with 4 new patterns making a total of 7; Blue Daisy, Pink Hearts, Rose & Bee, Marmalade, Black Toast, Polka Dot & Sampler. The Hepburn Mk II & Retro Mk II will feature Polka Dot, Marmalade, Pink Hearts and Rose & Bee.


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