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One of my best ideas a few years ago was to pick up a small second fridge to keep in the conservatory. Now I know not everyone has the space for one, but if you do happen to have a small corner, a spare fridge or freezer can be an absolute godsend at certain times of the year – and when you don’t need them, you just turn them off!
We have a small larder fridge that is kept full of cold drinks in the summer – mostly just refilled bottles of tap water, though we do keep the soft drinks in there too (and a few beers for when it’s the Only Thing To Do on a hot summer’s night…). Having the spare cold space means there’s always really cold drinks available for the whole family, which is brilliant, and I’m not using my main fridge space to do it.

Then in the winter that second fridge comes into its own again – it’s always filled to bursting at Christmas.
How on earth I’d manage without it, I just don’t know. It holds our enormous turkey leftovers (we have a cold turkey roast dinner on Boxing Day, and then cold meat and pickles on the 27th… our turkey baby is HUGE), plus the jellies, and the jug of cream, and the cheesecake… leaving the main fridge for the daily staples and the endless foil-wrapped ‘bits’ and tupperware pots.


Bush BUCL5585 Under Counter Larder Fridge – just £149

And they don’t cost the earth either – we got ours years ago and it still runs quietly and happily. You probably don’t need an extra freezer compartment over and above your normal fridge freezer, so my advice is go for a larder fridge and really make the most of the extra cold storage. Of course, you may like an additional ice box in your kitchen too…) You can pick up this Bush fridge  for under £150. That freezer space at the top will hold 4 bottles of white wine y’know… though of course the freezer compartment is handy for extra ice for the Gin and Vodka… it all depends on your priorities… ;)

When you think that a big American Fridge Freezer (and don’t tell me you don’t want one of THOSE babies in your kitchen) will set you back well over a thousand pounds for a basic model, this gets you the same additional fridge space for a fraction of the price (and yes, okay, a fraction of the glamour… but really people. It’s a FRIDGE. No glamour to see here.).

Am I the only one who has an extra fridge? I know lots of people have a second chest freezer, but what about a fridge?



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