A new kind of mattress protector. No, it is interesting, really.

Stop yer yawning, this may just be a waterproof thingy for cots to you and me, but to a small person with small bladder control it’s kind of a big deal. And actually, you’ll think of me next time you’re stripping sheets at 2 in the morning, cursing your foolishness for not listening to what I have to say.

Right – paying attention now?


So – waterproof sheets. Stinky rubber or rustly plastic yes? Necessary, but horrible, yes? Well, actually, maybe not.

Until now, my favourite type was the rubber-backed cotton mat (of which I talk about here – do go have a read, it’s one of my favourite posts). But the mat has one teeny tiny flaw – it can shift. But more importantly, your child will shift. And inevitably, at some point, they are going to choose to leak when they have reached the part of the mattress the mat is not protecting. Of course.

And in steps B.Sensible with their new 2-in-1 fitted sheet and mattress protector. Yes – it actually feels  liek a real sheet. Smooth, soft, cotton-y, and fitted. But on the back it has this mad plasticy film, which makes it breathable – but waterproof. how does that bit of magickery work, then, eh?

Well, I don’t know. All I know is that it works. And there’s no sweaty plastic-attached child in the morning, either. It’s made from Tencel, which is 100% natural and made from wood pulp of all things (I’m guessing that’s the magickery bit – it’s a bit of a wonder product) – and just as an aside is not only hypoallergenic to help protect small bodies prone to reacting to dust/housemites etc, but it’s made using eco-friendly processes too.

AND… it comes in 24 colours.

What more are you looking for?

The cot version is a smidge under £20 (there’s moses baskets and cotbed sizes available too), and is available from Be sensible

Author: Laura

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