A guide to redecorating on a budget


If you’re short on funds but your house is in desperate need of a facelift, don’t worry. There are a number of ways to revamp various rooms in the household without spending a fortune.

An interior update certainly doesn’t have to break the bank and creating stylish, affordable rooms is easier than you think.

The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the household and as such, is the room that should be tackled first. An entirely new kitchen suite can cost a lot; thankfully it’s possible to update this area without swapping your existing cabinets for new ones.

If your kitchen cabinets are quite old fashioned in a dark wood, why not paint them? An eggshell blue shade will instantly brighten up the entire room, giving tired cabinets a new lease of life.

Have a clear out

There are bound to be a number of objects in your house that you never use and by ridding yourself of this clutter you’ll not only be making way for new purchases, you’ll also have a little more money to put towards them.

If you choose to sell larger items online, DeliveryMatch can help you get cheap furniture delivery which will enable you to courier furniture to various buyers around the country.

Create your own art

A bare wall will scream out for artwork but we all know pictures and prints can be a little on the expensive side. So, why not get creative and design your own? There are a number of online tutorials available, all of which will help you create a wall-worthy piece.

Another way to brighten up an otherwise dull wall is to add a cluster of frames to the space. Fill these frames with pictures of loved ones to create a homely feel without spending a fortune.

Use colourful accessories

The likes of rugs, cushions, vases and lamps will instantly add colour to an otherwise dull room without altering the space dramatically. Instead of investing in a new suite buy a few on trend cushions and a colourful throw to get a couch that looks brand new.

Browse antique markets

If you know of a thrift or antique market in your area, you may wish to spend a day looking around for a unique piece of furniture. Both old dressers and mirrors can often be found here for a lower price and will work to add an individual style to your home.

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