A Guide to Finding Your Kid the Best Back-to-School Outfit

It is never too early to start thinking about the perfect back-to-school outfits. Of course, your kid wants to look stylish and impress the other kids. But they also want to fit in just like we do. There are a few general guidelines that you can follow to make sure your kid looks smart and chic when they go back to class.


Purchase a Classic or Two 

There are a few articles of clothing that will never go out of style. If your kid is in high school, they may be able to wear these clothes well into college. If they are in grade school and they are still growing, these threads can be used as hand-me-downs that will look as good as new. 

According to the website Printful – embroidered polo shirts never go out of style. They have been in fashion ever since the early 1900s and are still going strong. Nowadays, on-demand printing websites will allow you to create your own embroidered design. If you are not particularly creative or your child does not want to break convention, you can always stick to the traditional alligator or polo pony.

Canvas shoes are always popular. They are comfortable and cheap enough to afford one for every color of the rainbow. You can personalize them with your own design or buy a pair at a street festival.

Create Your Accessories 

Those on-demand websites that allow you to create your polo shirts will also allow you to create your hats, jackets, jewelry, and tote bags. Gamer t-shirts are popular with kids these days, and so are hats referencing vintage television shows and movies. An original shirt is a great conversation starter. 

If you create an accessory that everyone loves, you can sell them online. Some on-demand printers will let you sell what you create. 

Seventies and Eighties Retro Fashions

According to fashion magazines, the styles from the Me Decade are coming back in a big way. You will see mirrored sunglasses and platform shoes when you walk down the halls of an average high school. Bomber jackets are also suddenly in vogue again. 

You will see a lot of layering going on this fall. Long vests and sweaters that were popular in the late 70s are also enjoying a revival. 

The show Euphoria is a big influence on teen fashions. You will see hyper-feminine dresses, personalized backpacks, and ripped jeans that are similar to the ones worn on the show. 

Bright shades are back in. You will see the deep blues, reds, and yellows that were popular in the 80s as well as a pastel shade or two. 


Long hairstyles with ponytails are coming back in a big way. If you never thought the pompadour would come back, you would be wrong. The quiff hairstyle, which involves using moose to make your hair look as though it is standing on end, is also trending. It is a more subtle version of the pompadour.

No matter what the trends are, your kid should dress in whatever fashions make them happy and comfortable. When a child can use their wardrobe to express themselves, they will feel more relaxed and ready to learn.

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