A guide to buying the best designer dresses for the upcoming summer

Choosing what to wear is one of those tasks that can frankly go either way. There are times when the occasion demands an outfit that you find in an instant. It’s within budget, entirely appropriate and perhaps most importantly, makes you feel fabulous. It’s comfortable, it suits you, and it’s bang on-trend.

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Then there are those other times. The times when no matter how hard you trawl, how many shops you visit, how many different shapes and colours you attempt, nothing feels right. Your event looms, and you feel nothing but anxiety and despair. You’ve even tried to find a designer dress you can barely afford and still; nothing. 

Usually, there is a very good reason designer dresses cost a lot more than high street or online alternatives. The cut, the fabric, the sheer look and feel of them is higher-end, and so you expect to pay an elevated price. But what if you were able to find those frocks and they weren’t to break the bank? You can find your perfect designer dress at Hush Style

Before you browse any online collections, take a look below at our guide to buying designer dresses in time for summer 2020:

Choose a style that suits you

You may love the way a slim fit column dress looks on a catwalk model. Or a minidress with trainers. But if you’re 5’3″, with very womanly curves and legs that don’t seem to go on for days, then it simply will not look the same on you. Whilst there is no issue with that, it is important that you feel good in what you wear, so choose items that you feel suit you and that you feel comfortable in. But keep trying all of the types you like. Sometimes, one dress might be cut in a slightly different way which you will find more flattering than others and could turn out to be the perfect style for you!

Spend as much as you can afford 

As mentioned, designer dresses can cost a little more at the point of purchase. But that’s usually with good reason – they are superior in quality. And with that, superior quality often comes a style that will stand the test of time and manufacturing that will go the distance too. Care for you designer dresses properly, and the chances are you’ll be able to wear it in years to come because it’s either a classic piece or the fashion has come back around again.

Don’t overpay for items!

Indulging something pricey can feel wonderful. But feeling ripped off will soon dull that shine. That’s why it helps to shop with a retailer who offers discounts or better value for money. A bit of research can ensure your purchase is at the best price, so you don’t find the same item half the price elsewhere! 

A new season means the opportunity to wear fabulous new clothes. Just make sure that when you’re spending a little more on designer items, it is done consciously so you get the best dress for you and your pocket. 

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