The Whirlee – another review classic from @becaboop

Right. I’m going to be honest with you. This Whirlee ride-on toy and I have a serious love/hate relationship…

LOVE the fact that despite its plastic it is actually a fairly stylish piece of kit. We had the red design to review which I loved, why can’t more toys be red instead of the obligatory blue or pink that is thrust upon us? (They do offer the gendered red or pink but this third colour way saved their butts in my opinion.)

HATE the noise it makes on my floorboards. I don’t know if it is it’s plastic material but between the 6 children that have whizzed around on this (not all mine, I am a child minder) the teeth clattering NOISE it makes on my floorboards has meant that at least once a week I have exclaimed RIGHT! ENOUGH! And banished it to the utility room. Sorry whirlee.

LOVE the price point, at just under the £20 mark it is a mahoosive bargain.

HATE the price point, yes, I know. No pleasing me is there. But I can’t help feel if the price point was a little higher,  then the problem of the oh so flaming noisy wheels could be rectified. Thicker rubber? I don’t know the answer but I do know they are noisy.

LOVE the design, great shape, quirky, modern.

HATE the lack of padded seat. This has been used by the one year old I look after, my two year old, right up to four year olds and ME! Yes I’ve tried it! And it hurt my bum. Pad that seat! That being said kudos to the whirlee at spanning those age ranges.

LOVE how hardwearing this is. I’ve had it six months and it still looks great. Bear in mind I look after lots of children this has definitely been put through its paces.

If you have carpets, then this makes a great little first birthday present. If you have floorboards, do be prepared to get naffed off with it and huffily sling it in a cupboard for a moment’s peace!

The Whirlee is currently available from Amazon for a rattle under £20

*reviewed for us by Goddess Bec


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  1. Great review, much cheaper than I thought it would be!

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