7 Ways to Stay Cool When You Sleep

We’ve all been guilty of complaining about the long winter, only for summer to come and us to start to protest that it is in fact, too hot. Us Brits aren’t great with the heat, it’s no secret. We become so used to the cold that once it peaks 14 degrees the shorts are on, the barbecue is fired up and the suntan lotion comes out. During the day the extra heat certainly doesn’t go amiss, however, when you’re trying to sleep, it can get a little much.

Even with the heating off, it can be difficult to stay asleep over a humid night. CNM Online, who provide both radiators and fans (the best of both world some might say), are on hand with their top tips on keeping cool over the summer months. No aircon? No problem!

  1. You’re going to need to rethink your duvet weight and your bedding choices. Cotton tends to keep you a lot cooler and more comfortable in the heat than polyester or silk. If you are still feeling the warmth, you could put your bedding in the freezer (in a plastic bag first) before you try and get any shut eye.


  1. You can use a fan in more than one way. They’re great for circulating cool air, but if it feels too warm in your room get them pointing outwards to try and shift some of the hot air. If you’re using a fan to get cold air in the room, have it aimed at your feet or head, as these are the main receptors of heat on your body.


  1. Shower before you sleep, and make sure it’s a nice cold one. Washing yourself in cooler water will help your body temperature drop and should get you feeling nice and fresh before bed.


  1. If you’re going to wear pyjamas to bed, make sure they’re loose and made from a nice breathable cotton. We understand that sleeping in the nude during the hotter months might have some obvious drawbacks, but summer definitely isn’t a time for any tight fitting nightwear.


  1. You might look a little like you’ve slept in, but keeping your curtains drawn during the day can help keep your room a lot cooler. You don’t want the sun in all its glory heating your humble abode during the day, so get the curtains closed and open the window to increase airflow.


  1. Unplug and turn off. Any electronic devices or power adapters will give off heat, often even when they’re in standby. You should try to get everything unplugged, not only will it make the room cooler but you’ll also save money, money you can spend on ice cream and other summer goodness.


  1. This one may seem a little obvious, but it often goes forgotten, stay hydrated! You don’t want to drink too much too close to sleeping or you might find yourself waking up to go to the toilet, but being fully hydrated throughout the day will help you maintain a good body temperature, and should improve your quality of sleep.

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