7 Reasons To Love A Skylight

I’ve always had a rather romantic notion of a skylight (lots of dreamy teen ideas about stargazing from my bed in a turret room *may* have influenced this thinking, I’ll admit…).

But then we had a holiday in a cottage on a welsh mountain – and there, above the gloriously huge double bed, was a skylight.
Right there!
Just to one side of our heads. We could lie in bed after a long day, skylight wide, listening to the owls echo across the valley as we watched the stars slowly move through the sky.
The skylight was everything I ever thought it would be (if it had ju-uu-ust been right above us though… *takes notes for own skylight plans*).

As time went on, my addiction to house renovation programmes grew – and so did my love and admiration for the humble skylight.

(Just a note though – if you’re planning to add skylights to your home, please do your research. Lower-quality or improperly installed skylights are well known for causing major headaches down the road with leaking etc. We’re big fans of VELUX – take a look at their website as a good starting point in your research. And before you all start complaining that a skylight is always open to the elements and therefore can make a room feel cold – or too hot in the faint chance of a heatwave *hollow laugh* – you clearly know nothing (Jon Snow) because there’s a huge array of blinds available – from the practicality of plain blackout blinds to gorgeous Disney transparencies. Take a look here if you don’t believe me.)

So if you’re thinking about one – or have shockingly never thought about one – here’s my Top 7 Reasons To Love A Skylight

Courtyard House, East Dulwich

1. Skylights bring a bit of outside, inside.
Being indoors on a dull grey winter’s day, or when the sun is shining and you can’t go out in it is frankly depressing.

But being able to look up and actually see the sky, to watch the clouds race past (or maybe the rain splattering in big droplets…) – it just make you just feel a little bit more connected with the great outdoors. Especially important in a city when you can’t just bung a pair of boots on and get out in it – and where windows usually face more buildings and noisy traffic and people. A glimpse of space and bright open air is quite simply good for the soul.

2. Skylights mean daylight = instant mood boost.

We all want a light, bright home – because at a fundamental level we all understand that natural daylight is simply good for you. It lifts us, makes us feel better – and a window to the sky will flood your room with all the sunshine the day has to offer. Even on a gloomy day there’s more light to be had than a side window will let in.

Brockloch Tree House

3. Skylights can light the darkest interior

There are places in a home that windows just can’t reach – central stairwells or interior bathrooms, for example. In urban areas it’s an issue for closely terraced housing, and extended properties often find themselves left with a dark patch at the centre of the property. A skylight or lightwell will flood a dark area with natural daylight – with instant energy saving as an extra bonus!

Highgate Garden Room

4. Skylights mean privacy.

We love the light – but sometimes, adding a window is simply not practical. A small dark bathroom doesn’t really want a big old window in it when it’s overlooking a number of neighbours. But a skylight in the ceiling? instantly brighter and lighter, and totally private for your bathing!

Brockloch Tree House

5. Skylights can be feature lighting too.

Sometimes a a bright window to the sky would be too much for a room. But a carefully placed skylight to the side of a dark wall creates a beautifully subtle and indirect light that lifts without glaring – perfect for softer, relaxing areas of the home like bedrooms and living rooms.




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