7 (non-woo-woo) Reasons to Use Crystals in Your Daily Life

It’s January. We’re all fired up and clutching our goal lists in our fresh-from-the-gym-sweaty hands. But have you grabbed your crystals?  And would you know what to do with them if you did?
Yes, really. You should read this a) it’s pretty funny, and b) seriously. What harm can they do?
But more importantly, what if this crystal shit is not all woo-woo?

1 – Boom! Boom! Pow! Motivation, Drive and Determination

If you really need to get shit done then you simply have to have Carnelian.  This awesome crystal is excellent for getting you motivated and the creative juices flowing.  Place it on the side of your laptop, pop it down your bra or wear it in bracelet form on your left wrist.

Yes, Carnelian is one of those crystals you have to thank for the fact that you are reading this right now. I’m wearing it as I type and not only is it keeping my bum on this chair long enough to type full sentences, it’s also bringing out my writing creativity.  Bonus!

2 – Carpe the Crystal!

At this time of the year people are ‘should-ing’ all over the place. I ‘should’ lose weight. I ‘should’ stop smoking. I ‘should’ stop ‘pinning’ pics of Tom Hardy into a board marked ‘my future husband’.

The question is – are yours surface goals? Or goals which make you wanna jump out of bed in the morning shouting “CARPE DIEM!”

Well, seize the crystal instead my friends! Amazonite to be precise.

This gorgeous, calming crystal connects your Heart and Throat chakras and helps you express your deepest desires. (In my case, Tom Hardy.)

Wear it and see what pops into your mind during the day. Then write it down.

3 – Amplify those Goals

Now most people know Citrine is the crystal for abundance (and if you didn’t, WHY didn’t you? Do keep up.) then they simply buy it, plonk it down on their desk and wait for the money to start rolling in.  (Extra points – and smug grin – awarded if you’ve consulted a feng shui chart and placed it in the money sector of your home.)

But a more powerful way to use it is to pop it on your goal list.  Like, literally. Add some Clear Quartz points to amplify its energy and you stand a far better chance of it working for you. And if it’s more money that you’re looking to manifest, then throw in some Peridot for good measure. Kapow!

4 – Energy Drinks – Crystal-Stylee

Get yourself a glass bottle (or, in my case, take the rather glamorous-looking one from the café down the road home after you’ve drank it) and pop a Tangerine Quartz and Herkimer Diamond (cleansed, obvs)  into it.  Fill with filtered water and voila! Energy-boosting and motivational crystal water! Boom!

Use this to make your morning coffee and double-espresso boom!

5 – Negativity and Naysayers

During the time you are seriously manifesting, and seeing results, it’s important to protect yourself from outside influences, in particular, other people’s negativity.

I would highly recommend wearing a Black Tourmaline necklace or, if you’re facing some serious green-eyed naysayers because you’re manifesting like a mofo, Black Obsidian.  This will put an energetic shield around you, protecting you from absorbing any negative energies aimed your way.

If it all gets too much, you can always throw one of them at the offending party. 

*Disclaimer: Should you have a particularly good aim one day (due to the fact you’ve been using all these nifty tips) and take someone’s eye out, don’t email me to complain. That’s on you.Hand them a Rose Quartz crystal and tell them to ‘deal with it’.

Job done.

6 – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

If you struggle with unnecessary worry, then Aventurine is your friend.  Your chunky, green, bracelet friend.  Who lives on your left wrist.

Aventurine keeps you very much focused in the present moment.  And this means that your mind isn’t racing ahead of you into the future, and neither is it backstepping, questioning why the hell you didn’t manifest your goals already.

If you really want to go one further, then pop a Hematite pebble in your pocket and you’ll be ‘back in the room’ in no time.

No Aventurine, but two Hematite stones?  No worries (pardon the pun) – sit quietly with one in each hand and you’ll be both present and correct (aligned).


7 – Focus Folks!

Let me get something clear. Crystal clear in fact.

Fluorite is going to get you focused.  Quickly. (It’ll also get rid of that annoying tension headache that’s been bugging you).

So, if you’re anything like me, and find it difficult to… ooh look, a butterfly… then tape this crystal to your throat chakra, or buy a necklace, whatever works for you. What I’m saying is, just do it.  It’ll keep your monkey mind on the straight and narrow. Throw a little Hematite into the mix and away you go! (also – look! It’s prett-tt-ttty….)

It’ll also help with…erm, what’s that thing again? Oh yes, memory.  Hematite will help you with tha…ooh look, a butterfly!

Taken from How To Use Crystals to Manifest Your Goals – The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting ‘Stoned’ and Getting Sh*t Done!

Jade Marsh is a Crystal Healer based in Ibiza who shows people how to use crystals in their daily life. To book a session with her visit her on Instagram @spiritcrystalacademy

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  1. I am very much of the opinion that crystals look lovely, they make nice decorations… and that’s about it. I’m pretty confident that even the most enthuastic, and well experienced crystal enthusiast couldn’t tell the difference between a normal stone and a “magic crystal” if you blindfolded them.

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  2. Very fun to read your writing. Thank you for sharing.

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