5 ways to give an epic gift

 Still struggling to avoid the old fallbacks of a new jumper, some new smellies or posh chocolates? Whilst those things are always appreciated, nothing beats the feeling of knowing you got the gift right. Thinking of the perfect gift for someone really doesn’t necessarily mean a big spend – it simply means knowing them and putting a little thought into what they’d really love. Here’s a quick run down on five ways to really make it perfect this year:

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Have something personalized 

From stationary to luxury towels, having something personalized with initials is a lovely gift to give someone. Most big department stories will offer this as a service and can usually get it done quickly. 

Buy something to support their hobby 

Think about the persons hobbies and interests, what do they love to do ? Buying someone something to support their hobbies and interests is a lovely way to show them that you care and also give them something that you know they’ll love. 

Make something 

What skills do you have that you can use as part of your gift giving ? You might not necessarily be a brilliant drawer but there are many other ways you can show someone that you’ve put time and effort into thinking about the and giving them something meaningful. Some ideas could be: A collage of photographs, a framed piece of art or a bespoke day out that you design or them! 

Give a meaningful experience 

Have a think about what would be meaningful for the person you are buying for. Would a relaxing spa day be a real treat? Perhaps a day trip somewhere they haven’t been before or an exhibition showing off their favorite art. What can you think of?

Buy something nostalgic 

We all love a trip down memory lane and who doesn’t love a bit of vintage? 

Think about gifts that will remind them of their child hood, happy memories or vacations or even vintage things that they like. 

Vanquis have put together a nostalgic gift guide to give you some ideas HERE

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