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I know, caravan holidays might not appear to be everyone’s cup of tea.
And yet, caravanning has been making a stealthy comeback in recent years – More than 2 million people take holidays in caravans and motorhomes every year.

Deciding to invest in a caravan though – that can be quite a big decision. It might be you already know and love caravanning – perhaps you were brought up on it, and have fond childhood memories of family caravan holidays (if you were in the UK, you were probably tucked up listening to the rain battering on the roof…). But other people take the plunge as an adult – or in fact wonder why it is that other people do.
So if you’re thinking about a Bailey caravan from Campbell Caravans in Preston (or a Coachman. or a Lunar. Or a Swift… I feel the need to point out ‘other brands of caravan are available… :) ), we’ve been thinking about the top reasons why people choose a caravan holiday in the UK…

1 – Saving Money

Okay, the caravan itself is an investment. But when you think that typically, a caravan is expected to last you on average seven years, that soon evens out to be very cheap holidays indeed. Not to mention that you’re not restricted to your average two weeks in the summer – you can pop off for as many weekends and short breaks and half terms as you feel like; in high season you might expect to pay £25-£30 a night (maybe £10 a night in the off season), which is a grand total of around £400 for a fortnight’s break in August.

And don’t forget you’re not restricted to the UK – it’s a simple thing to take your caravan abroad, and sites are often much cheaper (for some guaranteed sunshine and a great pool).
Plus – it’s not just the accomodation costs. you’re actually taking a full cooker with you; eating is no more expensive in a caravan than it is at home (and yet it always tastes WAY nicer).

2 – The Freedom

Looking back to our own family roadtrip in a Bailey motorhome, I’d personally say this is possibly an even bigger draw than the cost-saving principle. We’re all desperate for a little more freedom in our lives, aren’t we? There’s nothing worse than showing up to your long-awaited two week holiday destination, only to find it’s not as great as you thought. Well, no biggie with your motorhome or caravan behind you – you can just pack up and move on.
You can also take as long as you like to get there. No need for a 20hr travel day to make it to your destination; caravans make the journey part of the adventure, slowly winding their way with plenty of sightseeing and rest stops en route.
Having a caravan really does give you absolute control over every aspect of your own travel.

3 – Family Friendly

Trust me, kids like to camp and caravan. They just do. We took all four of ours on a month-long Italian family road trip from our home in Dorset, driving a 6 berth Bailey motorhome across France and down and round as much of Italy as we could squeeze in.

And campsites are generally kitted out perfectly for kids, with safe play areas, communal zones for making friends and the bigger sites often have kids clubs and activities for them to join in.

4 – Going Off Grid

There is huge motivation behind the new yearning for a caravan. There’s a big pull for most of us to get back to basics – to switch off from our modern digital lives and go and do something less boring instead…
(yes, even back in 1985 we were being told this:)

One thing stays the same no matter whether you’re in a two-man hiking tent or a 4-bed luxury caravan – that exhilarating sense of letting go and embracing an adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re not camping precariously half way up a mountain – whatever your camping comfort level is, simply sleeping without four solid walls and a roof feels wild and adventurous.

And there’s something about being in the outdoors that brings the family together – you start to enjoy the simple pleasures, and spend your evenings chatting and playing games together by lamplight. It’s time and space to reconnect, without the daily distractions of a normal busy family home.

4 – Take The dog!

dog friendly caravanning with Campbell Caravans
Dog caravanning By Ivonne Wierink | Shutterstock

Your dog is part of your family – and of course you want them to join in the holidays too! If you’re thinking of going further afield, you might want to read our step by step guide on how easy it is to take your dog to France . But if you’re staying here in the UK, it’s literally as hard as packing their bowl, blanket and favourite ball.
Majority of sites are dog-friendly (though you’ll likely have to keep Spot on a lead, and be aware of dog-exercising rules and areas), and of course we have the finest network of public footpaths in the world – whatever site you choose, there’ll be plenty of options for long walks with your best pal.

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