5 excellent Easter craft ideas for kids

Easter is the perfect time for children to take advantage of the school holidays to make marvellous arts and crafts. Here are some art and craft ideas which make super Easter presents and will look great all-year round.
1. Make your own Easter eggs




[Photo by Emily W. Jones]
Have fun choosing a mould and your favourite kind of chocolate and then decorate using icing in a piping bag. Homemade Easter eggs can make a really special present.

2.  Beady bunnies




Make a quick and easy Easter decoration from large wooden beads and pipe cleaners.


Take two beads of different sizes, one for the bunny’s body and one for the head. Fold your pipe cleaner in half and thread it through both beads, then bend it at the top and bottom to make feet and ears.


Draw the bunny’s eyes, nose and whiskers with a marker pen and, as the final touch, add a little pom-pom tail. Pick beads and pipe cleaners in spring colours like yellow and green, or paint them yourself using acrylic paints or Deco pens.

3. Easter egg sun catcher
There are lots of different ways to make stunning ‘stained glass’ sun catchers to hang in your window and take advantage of the spring sunshine. Here is one of the easiest. You need a sheet of acetate and some paints or pens specifically designed for glass. Simply cut out an egg shape (there are plenty of templates free on the internet) and have fun decorating however you wish.

4. Wearable bunny ears


Use thin card or thick paper for this task. White and pink are the best colours to choose; you can always get your kids to colour their own.


Firstly, make the headband on to which the ears will be fixed. Cut a strip of white card or paper about two to three centimetres wide, and fit it round your child’s head and make a mark in pencil so that you know what the circumference of the headband needs to be. A child can decorate the band with pens, crayons or stickers: even ribbons or paper flowers. Once this is done you can tape or staple the band so that it fits around a child’s head – not too tightly!

Now cut out two different ear shapes, a large white shape as the background and a pink one for the inner ear. Glue the smaller pink ears inside the larger white ones, and then fix the ears to the back of the head band. Your bunny ears are now completed!
5) Easter biscuits

Buy some cookie cutters in the shape of chicks, bunnies and eggs, then have fun making your favourite biscuit recipes and decorating with white or coloured icing.


All this making Easter arts and crafts is hungry work so you and your kids deserve a tasty treat as you admire your handiwork!


Check out the Yellow Moon website for all the Easter craft supplies your children need to make great Easter art

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