4 Reasons to Document Your Home Renovation on Social Media

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We’ve all been there: You come across an Instagram account showcasing the most fabulous home interior and you look around at your own home, feeling completely lacklustre. However, it could also be just the thing to help you spring into action and finally tackle your dilapidated décor.

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 Whether you’ve justbought a fixer-upper or have decided that now is the time to renovate your home, here are four reasons to document the transformation on social media.

Visualise Your Hard Work

When you are mid-way through a project, it can be hard to see an end point. This is where documenting can come in particularly useful and provide a visual reminder of how hard you’ve worked and how far you’ve come. Plus, when you’ve (finally!) reached the end, you’ll be able to look back and appreciate the full transformation process – as well as the memories.

Inspire Others to do the Same

Okay, so sharing photos of your immaculate, beautifully styled and on-trend interior may make people feel a little envious, but it could also be used to inspire others start their own home renovation projects.

By posting your before and after images, your followers may start to see the hidden potential in their own homes. You could even share the design choices you’ve made, from the colour on the walls to where you bought those amazing curtains, helping others achieve similar looks.

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Share What You’ve Learnt

Carrying out any home renovation is challenging and for many people, is a huge learning curve. So,why not share your new-found knowledge? You could include this in the description below your posts or even start a new side project with a blog. This will allow you to fully document your journey, meet like-minded people andcould even create a whole new career.

Good for Selling

While documenting your work can keep your motivated, inspire others and allow you to share tips, it could also be useful when it comes time to sell your home. You could use these images as a record of the work you’ve done, both when speaking to estate agents and potential buyers. This could really impress viewers, showing them the care and attention, you’ve put into the property.

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When planning your home renovation, you’ve got so many things to consider. From the expense to materials and investing in new furniture, it can be a time consuming and expensive process. However, consider these points and take the time to document your progress from start to finish.

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