Spotted! Gorgeous Bespoke Convex Mirrors from Reid & Wright

OOOH! We are in love!

It’s not often that something comes around that just stops us in our tracks and makes us ooo and aaah spontaneously. But these incredible hand made bespoke convex mirrors from Reid and Wright have us entranced; totally caught up in their magic spell of loveliness.

Bespoke Convex Mirrors

Working with British craftsmen, Reid and Wright use modern construction techniques wit traditional finishes to produce these gorgeous round mirrors; every single one is a bespoke piece, handcrafted in their London workshops, bringing together the very best skills of local craftsmen.

antique hand crafted mirrors


(let’s not think about the magickery used to photograph a mirror which reflects no camera or photographer…)

Their convex mirror glass is produced by one of the few custom glass manufacturers in the UK – and yes, they use real glass for their convex mirrors, unlike many modern mirror producers who use imitation alternatives such as acrylic. Real glass has weight and subtlety, and offers a reflective quality simply unmatchable in acrylic. It also means they can offer that gloriously antiqued finish, of course. Which we *love*.

Their flat-glass antiqued mirrors are finished entirely by hand by a specialist in another of their London workshops. Each piece of glass is unique, with heavier antiquing around the edges combined with a delicate all-over shimmer creating the look of a long-prized heirloom, while retaining the mirror’s functionality.

Prices start from £760, but we think as an heirloom piece, it’s worth every penny. To get your hands on your own heirloom hand crafted bespoke mirror get in touch with the very lovely people at Reid & Wright and they will give you a quote. You can contact them either via email – or give them a call on 07715 677 040 or visit their website www.reid&wright

(careful as you browse though. The damned mirrors whisper at you.
“Buy me…” they call
“…love me, want me, cherish me, keep me close…”
And yes, yes we want to, dammit!)

Author: Courtenay

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  1. Thank you so much, Sam, for your lovely post about our new range of mirrors – we really appreciate your support!

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    • You’re very welcome! And do of course feel free to roll a fabulous convex mirror in our direction when you have a spare just sitting around… ;)

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