The 10 Most Popular Takeout Dishes

Gone are the days when takeout was simply just pizza – you can order virtually any meal and have it delivered to you now. We are counting down the top 10 takeout dishes ordered, and our mouths are watering!

10 – Chow Mein

Noodles, bean sprouts, meat and veg – what else could you ever want? This dish is one of the most popular Chinese food requests. Chow Mein holds our number 10 spot for best takeout.

9 – Burgers

Who can resist a savoury burger and limitless toppings? Burgers can please anyone (chicken, beef, and vegetarian options are always available) and go great with any side dish. Visit Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a great price and selection of burgers!

8- Tacos

Crunchy or soft shell, cheese, meat, lettuce and sour cream make up the base of almost any taco. This popular Mexican food makes a fantastic takeout option.

7- Pasta

The options are endless when it comes to perfecting a pasta dish, therefore a loved dish by almost every person. Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and meat-lover options are always available.

6- Kebabs

Kebabs are a fantastic dish featuring spices, vegetables and meat – and often are a healthier choice as well! Try a kebab meal next time you are ordering takeout for a new experience.


This traditional Japanese meal has become a hit globally, and has no signs of stopping. The best part? Served cold, your meal will never taste mediocre once delivered. Try the California roll at Moshimo to up your takeout game.

4- Curry

Another dish that has swept the world with popularity, every person with every spice preference can enjoy curry. From earthy lemongrass flavors to stronger coconut tones, curry always hits the spot.

3 – Pad Thai

This list would not be complete without another noodle dish! Rice noodles, sauce, vegetables and meat make this dish a winner in almost every home. In fact, many restaurants featuring American foods have added pad thai to the roster due to its overwhelming popularity. You can find this authentic Thai cuisine at Chaophraya

2- Pizza

Shockingly, our beloved pizza does not hold the number one spot for the most popular takeout! You can find a pizza joint within a kilometer radius that offers hot and fresh takeout, and the thought of fresh toppings atop of bubbly cheese on dough can sell itself.


Our number one takeaway food is our beloved chicken! Crispy, fried, baked, pan-seared, spicy and saucy, chicken can be served whichever way you want it, and can be found at almost any restaurant. You will never get bored with this takeout option!

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  1. Crunchy tacos shells are tex mex and not a Mexican dish

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