Property building process in Turkey in 2023

Turkish developers are recognized as one of the best in the world. The impeccable quality of work, the use of modern materials and the use of innovative technologies are fundamentally important characteristics that large and reliable development companies must adhere to. To buy property in Turkey in 2023 means to buy residential complexes that are completely ready for comfortable living after construction is completed.

In what form buyers receive apartments from the developer, what the territory of the residential complex is like, what developers are guided by when erecting a building, what houses are built in Turkey from and how they prepare a property for delivery – we’ll talk about all this today.

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Construction and finishing standards of Turkish apartments

The way houses are built in Turkey fascinates many foreigners. When developing construction standards, specialists must take into account climatic features and geographical location. These rules are followed in all countries, including the Republic of Turkey.

The mild climate and the absence of harsh winters make it possible to do without centralized heating, so there are no batteries in the apartments. An air conditioner is enough to keep the heat in the room, and prestigious housings are usually equipped with a floor heating system. Some residential complexes are equipped with boilers. It all depends on the region of the country and the concept of LCD.

In modern apartments, the functionality of the living space is thought out as detailed as possible; large panoramic windows are installed for good daylight. Each apartment must have a balcony or a spacious terrace. The material for the flooring is marble or tiles and double-glazed windows are installed on the windows.

The walls are laid out with bricks, aerated concrete, and foam blocks. In a word, repairs in Turkish apartments have been carried out in full.

External finishing is carried out with decorative plaster, basement floors are protected from moisture, insolation, overheating by natural stone and materials resistant to external influences.

Absolutely all residential complexes are being built using anti-seismic technologies and with a monolithic reinforced concrete frame. Such a robust design is provided in case of tremors. Although the Mediterranean coast is considered safe, this rule remains a priority.

Improvement of residential complexes

The topic deserves special attention: what kind of houses are in Turkey. Modern residential complexes are equipped with their own infrastructure, and the adjacent territory is landscaped and planted with exotic plants. The high level of improvement of the residential complex is due to the presence of:

  • outdoor and indoor pools;
  • SPA-center, hammam, relaxation area;
  • children’s playground;
  • gym for sports;
  • home cinema, Internet;
  • car parks;
  • video surveillance systems 24/7, etc.

Of course, the level of improvement depends on the number of services provided and the type of residential complex, but all modern houses have at least a minimal infrastructure. In a premium-class residential complex, of course, there is a very extensive list of the benefits of civilization. In any case, living in new complexes guarantees the owners of the apartments an impeccable pastime and a positive atmosphere.

The condition of the apartments upon completion of construction

In Turkey, it is not customary to put into operation real estate with unfinished repairs. Instead of housing with rough work and other shortcomings, the owner receives apartments completely ready for a comfortable stay. And the design of apartments will appeal to even the most notorious sceptic. Residential property from the developer is rented with:

  • fine finishing;
  • metal-plastic windows with double glazing;
  • entrance and interior doors;
  • walls painted in light shades;
  • porcelain stoneware, granite or laminate flooring;
  • kitchen set and countertop;
  • modern plumbing in bathrooms.

As you can see, the standards for finishing apartments have been summed up, as they say, on a turnkey basis. Prestigious apartments often also have under floor heating and a Smart Home system that allows you to manage your property remotely. These elements of increased comfort can also be ordered for an additional fee, if they are not provided for in the project, but only when buying real estate in the early stages of construction.

Real estate insurance is provided on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, since the country is located in a seismic zone and the state takes care of protecting the rights of owners.

Legal standards developers in Turkey adhere to

Building regulations are regulated by the legislator, by the state of the country, and their observance is controlled by authorized authorities. Developers are required to adhere to basic requirements, including:

  1. Zoning

On the territory of the Republic of Turkey, land is subject to zoning. What does it mean? There are two types of land plots in Turkey:

  • Tarla – for agricultural activities;
  • Arsa – for the construction of residential complexes.

It follows that the intended purpose and mode of use of a plot of land cannot be changed. That is, residential buildings cannot be erected on land for agricultural activities.

  • Complex development

This rule is strictly observed in Turkey, and its essence is as follows. After the developer has bought the land, he is obliged to start building it within two years. Such deadlines are set in order not to spoil the prestige of the area, since after a couple of years of inactivity, the purchased territory will have a neglected appearance. Especially when it comes to resort areas.

  • Construction restrictions

Outdoor construction work in tourist areas is allowed from October to May, when there are noticeably fewer vacationers. With the onset of the hot season, developers are focusing on resolving all issues related to permits. Proper timing is essential to the successful completion of major building work by next summer.

  • Compliance with technical regulations

Real estate under construction in Turkey must comply with the project. During the construction of a residential complex, deviation from the established norms is unacceptable. In case of any violations, the developer will not be issued Iskan – a technical passport for the real estate – until the shortcomings are eliminated. And if the project declares certain layouts of apartments, the concept of residential complex, the level of infrastructure, then the developer is obliged to accurately implement all this during construction.

  • Terms of delivery of the real estate

The deadlines for the completion of residential complex are regulated by special state services, and according to the law, the property must be put into operation within three years, no more. Each stage of construction is strictly regulated. In the event of a delay in the delivery of a housing, serious fines are imposed on the developer and in the future he will have difficulties with the implementation of new projects. Naturally, such a prospect does not appeal to anyone, and therefore long-term construction is not typical for Turkey.

Real estate in Turkey

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