Pre-Christmas Christmas Shopping Top Tips #4 – Playmobil Advent

Now – here’s a thing. Playmobil advent calendars. One thing is for SURE – your child will love it forever. There’s not a child of my acquaintance who doesn’t love Playmobil, it’s simply a fact. So a Playmobil Advent Calendar – what could go wrong? Well, that depends on your point of view. If you’re a child… Absolutely Not. One. Thing.

But… as a grown up, I mind a le-e-etle bit that their advent calendars aren’t more… Christmassy. I know my boy would LOVE the police one. or the Dragons Land. And if the girl came across the Unicorn in Fairy World version next Wednesday she would be most squealsome in her joy.

But… I’m not so easily pleased. I DO think the Christmas in the Forest set is charming, and I know that Pink is going to love it. Thankfully the calendars no longer take an hours construction BEFORE the 1st to make them ready – you simply need to set up the backdrop, and away you go (I can’t say the same for all the sets, but the Forest one is certainly like that).

But my nearly-8 boy is not going to adore it.. much as Playmobil is the love of his life, this set is just too young  for him. I’ll admit I was tempted to dip towards the knights, against my Christmas principles though it is.

But then.

I had a Huge and Brilliant Brain Flash.

We usually have a large wall-hanging pocket advent, which we fill with small and nice things.

What if, this year, I filled it with Playmobil bits instead?

And what if those Playmobil bits added together made their proper, real, and truly Christmassy nativity scene?


So, I also have the Nativity Manger set (3996) and the Three Wise Men set (3997). Together, over the 24 days of advent, they will help my boy create a very special advent scene (to include the oh-so-brilliant Camel, I might add…). One which after Christmas we can put away and wait for next year – and which will become a much-loved Christmas tradition, I have no doubt.

Hoorah for Playmobil!

The sets are very reasonably priced – the Playmobil advent calendars are £13-£18, and the Playmobil nativity scenes are £18 for the manger scene, with the wise men an additional £7. I have linked to Amazon, as I know they are in stock and have fast delivery, but do shop around as there are possibly better prices to be found!

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