Be Featured on LittleStuff


If you are a small business and would like to be featured on LittleStuff, we would love to hear from you – honest! We accept all businesses on LittleStuff – provided your product is interesting to a parent of a 0-11 yr old. Just pop a quick email to and we’ll send you our media pack which has all the info you need. We talk to every business personally, and only invite those we think fit into the LittleStuff house.

Please Note: we receive a huge amount of press releases everyday, and occasionally ‘real’ mail gets lost in the pile.
If you haven’t heard from us within 72 hours then do feel free to nag copiously.



A quick guide on what we can do for you:

  1. The ‘Spotted!’ posts are never paid for. These are simply items we’ve come across that made us go “oooh!”. Products that excite us, and that are relevant to our readers. They are never paid for, and we have rarely seen the product in ‘real life’.
  2. All contests, giveaways and competitions are at our discretion. As always, we reserve the right to reject requests for contests and giveaways if we do not feel they will make a LittleStuff readers life a little more fun.
  3. Review products have always been provided by the business concerned, and retained by the reviewer. However, we have made our name by our honest and reliable reviews, and we’ll never lie to our readers. If something’s a bit rubbish, we’ll say so. Or we just won’t talk about it at all.
  4. Sponsored posts – these are clearly marked as such, and have been paid to be placed there.

Thank you and happy browsing. Your hair looks fabulous today.