Mother’s Day? Presents? Oh yes. Thank you kindly.

Mothering Sunday (or Mother’s Day if that’s what you prefer).

That day of the year when we get to lie in bed whilst a mug of tea (made with water from the hot tap), toast (warm bread) and a flower (snaffled from next door’s garden) are presented to us with a tight toothpastey squeeze at 6.30 a.m…

Of course there are those who think it’s all a totally unnecessary marketing crock.

Others think that a little home made something is exactly where the heart is at.

Quite frankly, pfffft to that. Show me the SPOILING people.

I have four children – looking after them is the full time job I do when I’m not, y’know, working. Round here ‘Mummy’ is my job description. And Mummy doesn’t get a day off too often. Even less often does she get  a day where she’s allowed to sit, encouraged to be still and deliberately fussed over and spoiled.

Like… one or two a year.

If she’s lucky.

(who set out THOSE terms of employment I’d like to know?)

So on Mothers Day I admit it. I’m not afraid to say it. I Like Presents.
Yes, it’s all about ME.

I love it when I’m proudly and excitedly handed something that tells me I’m appreciated.
Come on – who doesn’t like receiving gifts? ( and if you just said you didn’t, then… *whispers* you’re lying…)
We all do.
It doesn’t have to be madly extravagant (though I wouldn’t say no, of course). No, just a little something, chosen with care and wrapped with love -  something special. Something to be cherished. And something to be kept long after you’ve chewed through the warm bread and carefully tipped the *gags* tea into the nearest cyclamen pot.

We’re not talking Tiffany Keyrings here (though that does happen to be quite beautiful). No, with the wonders of the interwebs, there is so much more choice than a bunch of daffodils and a box of chocolates out there. Maybe a beautiful notebook, a quirky mug, a pretty scarf, maybe even a Spa Break voucher if you want to push the boat out.

Whatever it is, it’s special. Bought for YOU, to say a hugely warm and heartfelt “You’re my MUM, and I love you, and I want to spoil you with something really lovely because I know you’re a good one”, by the people you hold closest. Think about it – don’t you buy your own Mum something small and thoughtful and special? It’s the one day of the year it’s all about you and her, and no one else.

Who on earth wouldn’t love that?

Now – I need your attention please. As well as our usual ‘Top Gift Ideas for Mothers Day‘ series, this year we’re taking part in a fab competition with Parentdish – three bloggers have gone head to head to give their own view of Mothers Day, and what we should do (or not do) to celebrate it (in addition to which they have some ace competitions running, INCLUDING an awesome-scoresome ‘Win a Spa Break for two‘. Oh yes.)

So, if you should perchance agree with ME (I guess you can go and see the other two arguments put forward by Typecast and Red Ted Art if you re-e-e-e-ally need to…) then do me a favour? Clickety click on the image below, and in the words of the Suffragettes (who, by the way, were ALL about standing up for what you deserve) ‘Vote For ME!


  1. New Stuff: Mother’s Day? Presents? Oh yes. Thank you kindly.

  2. *roaring* listening to @courtenayphoto splutter in outrage at the £230 keyring…

  3. RT @littlestuff: *roaring* listening to @courtenayphoto splutter in outrage at the £230 keyring…

  4. I am loving that Tiffany keyring. But I can’t have it for Mother’s Day OBVIOUSLY so I might have to have it for my 40th birthday instead!

    Great post Laura – good luck in the debate!

    • Well, clearly that keyring is made for life, not just for Mothers Day… (who would actually dangle scratchy damaging keys form a £230 keyring?)

  5. @R2UK *runs round room cheering* *sings a little victory chant* #mothersdaybattle @nickie72 @RedTedArt @parentdish_uk

  6. Mother’s Day? Presents? Oh yes. Thank you kindly. How about you?

  7. RT @littlestuff: Mother’s Day? Presents? Oh yes. Thank you kindly. How about you?

  8. aaaargh! I was all set to vote for Maggy (or possibly you – I got my eternity ring for my first mother’s day) until I read Nickie’s post and then I hovered over her voting button. But now I want you again! And I don’t even know you! Wait a minute, how come I don’t know you? *signs up*

  9. If you have just two minutes (and haven’t already done so), we’d really love it if you would read this, agree…


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