This week’s (rather late) Blog Love

Crikey, sunshine AND the school holidays? It’s a wonder anything at all has been achieved this week. But a little bit has – and we’re actually quite glad we’re late with the Blog Love round up, as there’s been some last minute fab entries to include (we’re not the only ones with better things to do than sit at a computer screen, we know).

So: here’s your pick of the best posts around the blogosphere this week. Do have a browse with a coffee, and be sure to leave a comment and say hello.

First up was an anonymous nomination (please leave us your name so we can link to you! Even if it’s your own blog, we really don’t mind, we’re here to share the Lurve y’know) for Transatlantic Blonde’s post about an image which has whipped up a mini furore in the US. Shockingly, it’s a boy in pink nail varnish, no less. *shakes head*

Next, Windmill Tales told us about Bod for Tears letter to her daughter, which brought tears to her eyes. It’s simply called ‘Don’t’ and it’s wonderful. PLEASE go and read it.

PantsWithNames really enjoyed Hot Cross Mums ‘Life Cycle of a Blog’ – and she’s so right, it’s clever, VERY true and an excellent read.

Kelly pointed us to a really great post by fellow Goddess Christine, where she and her daughter create a village for the Little People. Craft blogs often simply leave me feeling inadequate, but this looks like SO much fun, and the results are SO charming I can’t resist trying it myself…

For my own recommendation, I wanted to swoosh some Blog love to Mammy Woo, who has been struggling with Depression. This Time Next Year is a positive, thought-provoking post from one of my favourite Bloggers at the moment.

Lastly, Imperfect Pages threw in a last minute offering via Twitter – she wanted to make sure more people read this post by Wanderlust – a new blog to me, one I’m so glad I found, and one I will be following from now on. ‘Blood Red Life’ is an incredibly powerful, moving account of one woman’s struggle.


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  1. Oh thank you! And thanks to Kelly for pointing you in my direction! I’m off to read these other offerings now *pops the kettle on*

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