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It’s our turn to host the BusinessPlusBaby Business Mums Blog carnival this month – and we’ve had a bumper entry which is brilliant. So – go fetch yourself a tea, and when you’re sitting comfortably with a hobnob then have a meander through the entries. These are all fab reads – and all these gorgeous mums also run businesses, so if you like what they say don’t forget to go have a look at what they do too.

I decided on no theme this month – I just asked for posts to entertain or inform, and they haven’t disappointed…

(and please, leave a comment, let them know you’ve been by!)

  1. From The Beehive (a doula, trainee midwife and maker of a pretty blog) at  Across The Pond Life there’s a snort-out-loud post on her re-entry into Yoga after a considered absence. OMMMmmmmmm.
  2. Vicki Knight (who, incidentally, decorates her blog with scatterings of her *GORGEOUS* photography) has given us a brilliantly handy guide to fab apps for the iPhone camera.  If you have an iPhone, you need to read this.
  3. New-around-the-pad is LittleLilyPad so be sure to go and say hello – her daughter JUST manages to redeem herself at the end there!
  4. On SmartTalkers (aptly so for a Speech Therapist) there’s a sad commentary on our modern society, and how we talk to and around our children – definitely food for thought.
  5. I loved this predictably funny outpouring from Cocktails at Naptime. Quite literally made me spit tea up my nose (nice, no?) as I recognised the characters from my own playgroup experiences. *Read whilst sipping your tea with caution.
  6. Krista from Words with Style has some wonderful thoughts on discovering the blogging community as a new mother, and how writing just makes her ‘better’.
  7. This post from Sarah at ICT Together is a bit of a banner wave, but I’m letting it in as it’s an important one, I think. As a very techy family, I forget what is minefield it is for most, and I have high hopes that this new blog will help break down some of that barrier to ordinary families.
  8. Helen is the lady who started this carnival malarky, and her own contribution on Business Plus Baby is top-filled with brilliant advice for small business owners needing to grow but caught in the no-time deathcircle. There are some great comments too, so make sure you keep scrolling.
  9. A lovely post from LSMedia, who not only lost out to Mums the Boss at a recent award ceremony – but then decided to write an entire post blatantly shouting their praises!
  10. And oddly enough, here’s what MumsThe Boss had to say themselves on their award…
  11. One of my fave posts this month was from The Photo Fairytales Blog – I think any business mum reading this will head straight there when I say simply that the post is entitled “I’m running a business, not a hobby!” (and you probably added your own high-pitched frustrated screech inflection, too).
  12. The Diary of a Surprise Mum‘s entry mad e m swoon. Come on, ‘fess up. Who HASN’T dreamed of taking off in a vintage VW camper? Well, Surpise Mum could just help you out there…
  13. There’s a typically wonderful post from Vegemitavix on Joining the Circus, balancing the whole work/life thing, which will have any working Mum nodding and muttering yes, yes, that’s me like an insane person.
  14. There’s a Top Tip from Artful Adventures on framing your children’s artwork – certainly an idea I will be trying out very soon.
  15. Tola is talking about Baby shower favours over on Chocolate a Toi (don’t look at the blog if you’re hungry. Too Much Pretty Chocolate!).
  16. There’s a lovely nostalgic post from Home Truths, talking about the change in the workplace since she left – and yes, where are all the suits now?
  17. Mums the Word has some handy hints (and a scary driving experience!) on how having an au pair could actually be the most cost-effective child care solution for working Mums.
  18. There’s a really wonderful post on GoodThings called ‘Womens Work’ – and yes, we’re all about the guilt…
  19. Over at  ACEInspire, the ever-so-a-bit-brilliant Erica has written a motivational post on just who can become a mumpreneur.
  20. My Funky Party has some brilliant tips on Pre-schooler parties (this one is a pirate party) – I especially like the sweet-free pass the parcel idea.
  21. There’s a great post on From Rat to Positive Parent about real life networking. You know – not the comfy, safe interweb approach but that stuff we used to do where we meet, shake hands and talk. Face to face. Scary but true.
  22. A simple, effective post from The Kids Coach about complimenting our children. Sometimes it’s just easier to spot the stuff they get wrong, isn’t it?
  23. A focusing, inspired post from Tracey-Jane on support4women about your business goals, and how to set about achieving them.
  24. And finally, there’s a fab batch of videos on FamilyFriendlyWorking filmed at the Mumpreneur Conference – Antonia asked me to include one, but i think they’re all worth a look at, so here they all are.

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