Steiff Easter Rabbit – can you resist Jolly Dangling?

steiff easter rabbit bunny with suitcase*meeep!*

Don’t tell me you don’t adore this Steiff Rabbit (named ‘Jolly Dangling’ – which, thinking about it, is probably more of a description on Steiff’s part, but which I rather like just as his name) – because if you do, I simply shan’t belive you. He’s wonderful, and I’d like to give hi a home please.

What a brilliant ‘First Easter gift’ for young babies to small to enjoy some Easter chocolate! My eldest still has the rabbit he received for his first Easter (though I believe I noticed recently that Rabbit appears to have sloped off to daughter’s room when No.1 wasn’t looking) – they make beautiful gifts for children.

And really – they don’t get much more beautiful than old Jolly Dangling, do they? From his super-soft baby plush to his jaunty orange neckerchief, he’s just a thing of happy “Ooooh!”-ness. Look at his face!

On tip of all which he comes with his very own vintage-styled suitcase, and if you nab him from Born Gifted he’s delivered free too. Oh yes. He may be a £33 Jolly Dangling  for Easter – but he IS Steiff; and he’ll be loved for every Easter to come, don’t you think?

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