Spotted! Kids Wooden Ruler Height Chart. *love*

height chart vintage ruler

Genius isn’t it?

The trouble with height charts is that they’re pretty much universally ugly – or you use a doorframe which is fine until you move house. This oversized handmade Kids Wooden Growth Chart Ruler looks beautiful, and it can be detached and taken with you as you move home or passed onto your children as they leave the nest.

Each ruler is hand made with the design based on a traditional wooden school ruler; numbers have been re-created from illustrations found in a vintage book.

They’ve even thought of the touch-the-ground issue, and made the first line start at 6″ to allow for skirting boards.

What an incredibly different gift this would make for a new baby, too!

Spotted over at BiPlane Press, the vintage wooden ruler height chart starts at £65, with a personalisation option available.

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  1. New Stuff: Spotted! Kids Wooden Ruler Height Chart. *love*

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