The MOST perfect child’s lamp – The Bunny Rabbit

Oh how I love this lamp!

And oh how my daughter loves this lamp too!

What a darling little rabbit he is – though at nearly a foot tall he’s not really in the ‘little’ rabbit class.

(and yes, he is a ‘he’. Wully, actually, is how he’s known around here. Just in case you were wondering)

Just a gorgeous gorgeous lamp.

Bright enough to read by, and yet dim enough to not make you yelp with eye-burny-pain if you turn him on during a 2a.m. emergency. And perfectly safe to leave him on all night as a night light for those small people who are afeared of the dark.

Really – what more do you want in a child’s bedroom lamp?

The fabulous Heico Rabbit Lamp can be found at Petit Home for just £35. I can’t imagine your home is complete without one, to be honest.



  1. New Stuff: The MOST perfect child’s lamp – The Bunny Rabbit

  2. I could not agree more. The bunny lamp is one of the best children’s product ever ! I’ve spotted it in grow up spaces and it looks great too. It bring a humoristic touch to any room

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