Blog love – The Round Up

Yes, yes, it’s late, I know – but as you can see *glances proudly around the site* we’ve been a bit busy.

Even so, the nominations for this weeks’ Blg Love were pitiful. Rubbish. To the point of nothing. Not One. *shakes head*

But do we care? We Do NOT! (*whispers* well, maybe a little bit) Because we have read some really wonderful posts ourselves – so here’s our own Blog Love we want to share this week…

MammyWoo’s woeful ‘No rest For The Crazy’ literally had tears streaming form my eyes – I had to read it on bursts because I was laughing so hard and frightening the dog. I defy anyone to get past the clamber onto the dentist’s chair without snurgling loudly.

Our very own Keris’ Biscuitgate just made us laugh. A lot. If you read Keris regularly you’re probably already a bit in love with Harry – if you’re new, you soon will be.

Mummy Mania’s post about Sandwich Filling is NOT what it sounds like – but as ever is thought-provoking, evocative and a beautifully written comment on her rather difficult situation.

Nikki over on Clinically Fed Up has a great post on Copyright of images – It’s a Biatch.  Not only is it a well-written post, but the message is really important (and close to my own photographers-wife heart); all bloggers should go read. As should The Guardian.

As a Mother of a shy shaggy-haired geek, I read Spudballoo’s Hairy Tale with heart in mouth – I was terrified of what ‘those girls’ were going to do…

And lastly, we’ve had more hits on my own post about my son for M.E. awareness week than for anything else. Thank you for reading – and especially thank you for your lovely comments.

Oh, and a last minute addition – apparently Kelly from A Place Of My Own DID leave a comment, and we ate it all up. (sorry). Her suggestions were to my own post about my son (thank you! ), and also Imperfect Pages post about dealing with a suddenly-a-bit-naughty toddler – if the post itself wasn’t good enough, the comments are also well worth a read through.

Author: Laura

A 70's child, I’ve been married for a Very Long Time, and appear to have made four children, and collected one large and useless dog along the way. I work, I have four children, I have a dog… ergo, I do not do dusting or ironing. I began LittleStuff back in (gulp) 2004. I like huge mugs of tea. And Coffee. And Cake. And a steaming cone of crispy fresh fluffy chips, smothered in salt and vinegar. #healthyeater When I grow up I am going to be quietly graceful, organised and wear lipstick every day. In the meantime I *may* have a slight butterfly-brain issue.

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  1. Oh, thank you for including me…very flattered! Off to read the rest now…xx

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  2. Thanks for adding mine in at the end there. Very kind of you.

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  3. Ooh ta for the link. You ended up in my spam but I have sorted it an rectified that heinous situation ;)

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